Sinterklaas and the broken spinner

Sinterklaas has a very small spinning top. The thing is completely worn out, but Saint Nicholas holds it very dear. One day the spinning top gets irreparably damaged and that makes the Saint inconsolable. The Petes want to make the Saint happy again, but how do you bring back a toy from the past? A crazy and slightly scattered professor can help. The Petes travel back in time hoping to bring back Sinterklaas' most cherished toy.

A funny and moving Sinterklaas story in theater form.

At the end of the show, Sinterklaas hands out the presents to the children. Sinterklaas and the Petes can take some time to take pictures with the children.

Suitable for adults and children. For groups as of 10 people.

Duration: 90 minutes of story time (including a break).
This event takes place at your location or in Sinterklaas' home theatre.

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