Whom is without dreams 

is without reality
- Karel Boullart -

Creating dreams is in my blood. As a child I started writing plays and tales, I built fantasy worlds in miniature, played on stage, wrote small scripts for comic books, ... My biggest ambition is to touch people. To bring tales that last, memories that stay.

That is why I call myself an "imagineer", an engineer of imagination.

Stijn De Maesschalck
producer & imagineer

Tinkel aims to be a top of mind entertainment house that can reach a large number of families through storytelling with innovative shows, events and places.


Tinkel is "full" of values, especially these ones:


We create credible characters in credible "storyverses" and try to bring our concepts into the right setting, for the right audience and with the resources it deserves. If we can't tell a story properly, we'd rather not do it. What you see is what you get (or more).


Engineering a creative concept requires a lot of courage. Certainly at the start, it is very difficult to find like-minded people, who help "feed" the concept so that it can grow and become viable. New, innovative creative concepts are even more daring because nobody knows them. It is often a risky bet on how our audience will react to a new concept. You need guts for that.


Creativity or "making something out of nothing". Starting an idea and trying to express it in a way that others understand and that tinkles them. With a high chance of failure. Something you need guts for.


We sincerely believe that we can touch people with what we make. We bring stories and make concepts because we like to do it. We do our utmost to convey that same love to our audience.


Let's not exaggerate: the glass is not always full. But with us it is still at least half full, not half empty. Cynicism and sarcasm are not for us. If love is our engine, then joy is our fuel.

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9052 Gent

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